Make Your Shower Count

The most powerful shower. 20% less water. $25 bucks. No brainer.

It’s time to react to the world water crisis.
Shower under a Speakman Reaction and help save 1 Billion gallons of water. #MakeYourShowerCount

The world is 70% water, but less than 1% of that is usable or drinkable. 783 million people lack access to safe water. 1 in 9 people worldwide do not have access to clean drinking water. 1 out of every 5 childhood deaths is due to water-related diseases. 443 million school days are lost each year due to water-related diseases. 10% of global water use occurs within the household. The shower accounts for nearly 17% of all residential use. The average family uses nearly 40 gallons per day in the shower. You could save 10,000 gallons just by installing a Speakman Reaction.

Make Your Shower Count

Save 10,000 gallons of water right now AND
never sacrifice the power of your shower.

$25 = 10,000 gallons


Can Your Shower Count to a Billion?

Every change you make, every gallon you save, adds up to real and remarkable water savings. Together, by changing out our
showers and conserving water in the home, we saved a billion gallons in 2016. Make your shower count!
Can your shower count to a billion?

Sharing is Caring

There are so many more ways to save water, it’s almost ridiculous. Teaming up with some amazing partners, we challenge you
to get creative with your conservation and then share it with the world.

Switch It

Upgrade to the Speakman Reaction and save a remarkable 10,000 gallons. #MakeYourShowerCount

Skip It

Ditching the shower for a day saves gallons. Being dirty never felt so good. #EveryDropCounts

Have A Cold One

Save energy by taking a cold shower. Bring a shower brew with you to warm you from within. #HaveAColdOne

Beat The Beat

Save water by taking shorter showers. Turn on your favorite song and finish up before it ends. #OneSongLong


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